Fathers Day

Here in the UK, it is officially 2019’s Fathers Day; a day in which you honer dads and father figures. My family and I do celebrate this occasion so every year my siblings and I either buy/make a card and presents for our dad to show him how much he means to us.

The one and only father of mine (w/ my stepmom and doggo Poppy)

Pretty much every year for any holiday/occasion I tend to make everyone their cards and presents because with my creative mind I always think of something that I want to make them and I can’t help but keep my hands busy when all of these ideas are flowing out of me. Though this year, my mind was completely blank I couldn’t think of anything for my dad. Do I create something that shows his love for music, movies, tv shows or games? Do I make something that involves our family? Do I draw, paint, make a video or mixtape? I had no idea whatsoever so I thought to myself I should go to the person who is the closest to him and that was my stepmom Alison, she’ll know his interests the most. So I sent her a text asking if she had any ideas on what I could draw or paint for him and this was her suggestion – do something with their dog Poppy, a trike or even some poppies. Of course my mind couldn’t focus on just one of these things so I had to go and combine all three ideas.

I drew a trike that I found on google images as reference as I had no idea how to draw one, in the middle of my A4 Faber Castell Mixed Media Paper, sat in a field of poppies with his dog Poppy on the bike. I used my UniPin Fineliners (05 & 01), Helix Oxford HB Pencil, various Letraset and Windsor & Newton Promarkers and Hobbycraft Watercolours.

As the time went by I somehow managed to complete my drawing, with all three items I wanted to be included. I finished it off by peeling away the masking tape I used to create a border for the final image and I signed it off with a – Happy Fathers Day Love Laura.

My dad said that he loved it and that he’s going to get a frame for it and show it off somewhere in his house, so I’m really glad he liked it even though at the end I decided that I didn’t like it with how many faults that I kept making. But at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts right?


Hey there! I’m Laura Morgan and I’m a twenty year old Artist from Sheffield, UK. I created this blog as I wanted to share my upcoming projects and creations, I also wanted to go more in depth over my artwork that I couldn’t really get into with my Etsy listings.

Talking of Etsy I do have an open shop where you can buy all of my art as an A4 or 6″x4″ print and as a 2″x3″ sticker. I should also note that I do take custom orders as well. Here is the link to my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LauraMorganDesigns

Also my boyfriend Oliver helps me with keeping motivated, thinking up designs and helping take photos for my listings so I think that it’s worth noting that he’s a part of this shop too.

I hope that you will stick around to read my upcoming posts and that you enjoy my artwork. If there are any questions you have for me, feel free to ask them in the comments or in the contact section of my blog.

Bye for now x